Within the City of Red Bluff Police Department personnel enforce a wide variety of parking violations and address parking complaints. Some of the more frequently used statutory laws relating to parking can be found in the City of Red Bluff Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code.

One of the more common violations associated with parking relates to vehicles with expired registration. Section 4000(a) of the California Vehicle requires all vehicles, which are either driven or parked on the roadway to be currently registered. Therefore, if a vehicle is placed on a planned "non-operation" it cannot be driven or parked on the roadway unless it is displaying a temporary registration placard issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Another common violation occurs when vehicles are parked facing the wrong direction on a roadway. For example: in most neighborhoods where there is a two lane street with a single lane of traffic in each direction; a driver must park his/her vehicle with the passenger side tires within 18" of the curb. Drivers must also be careful they do not block fire hydrants, which are not always marked with red curbs to signify "no parking." Section 22500(f) of the California Vehicle Code states no vehicle can be parked within 15' of a fire hydrant.

All red zones are designated "no parking zones" and no vehicle should be left standing in a red zone even if there is a licensed driver inside the vehicle. Red zones are designated for emergency vehicles and should not be used for the loading or unloading of passengers or cargo.

"Vehicles that are parked on the sidewalk pose a danger to pedestrians and other motorists", says Officer Murray of the Red Bluff Police Department. Murray explains, "When a vehicle is parked on the sidewalk, it could force pedestrian(s) to walk into the roadway and put them in harms way." Red Bluff Municipal Code Section 13.17 states it us unlawful for any vehicle to block a sidewalk, which is another common parking violation.

In most of the down town areas of Red Bluff there are posted 2-hour parking zones. During business hours, parking spots can be scarce; however, drivers must be careful to not block crosswalks and handicap ramps and accesses.

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