Welcome Message from the Chief

The Red Bluff Police Department is a full-service Police Department that is currently staffed with twenty-five sworn police officers and ten civilian employees. The Department is divided organizationally into two Divisions. These Divisions are the Operations Division and the Support/ Special Services Division. The Operations Division consists of the Uniformed Patrol Unit. And, for the first time beginning in February 2013 the Red Bluff Police Department also has the assistance of citizen volunteers through our Volunteers In Police Service (VIPS) program. This unit is also managed from the Operations Division of the Department.

The Support/ Special Services Division consists of the Investigations Unit, Dispatch Unit, Records Unit and the Community Service Officer Unit. The purpose of the Police Department is to provide for the safety and security of the citizens of Red Bluff. Our goal is to maintain a well equipped and well trained department that can provide a high level of service. The Members of the Police Department are committed to providing "Service with Integrity."

The Red Bluff Police Department remains committed to providing a high level of quality service to the citizens of Red Bluff. With the assistance of our community partners and allied agency partners, as well as State Grants, we have re-acquired two police officers positions. This has brought us to within just one position of our 2009 sworn staffing levels. This is truly exciting as it is our hope that following the conclusion of our current traffic grant obligation we will once again be able to assign an officer to the Tehama Inter-Agency Drug Enforcement (TIDE) Task Force.

During the 2013 the Red Bluff Police Department had a very busy and challenging year. There were significant increases in calls for service as well as increases in violent crimes that certainly challenged our Department. Once again, the members of the Red Bluff Police Department rose up to those challenges and performed admirably. I am very proud of the staff at Red Bluff PD. They work diligently every day to enhance the security and safety of our community.

As you read through these pages, it will reflect the high level of activity and challenges as well as the quality and professionalism of the members of the Red Bluff Police Department. Our City is divided into (5) Areas of Responsibility, each headed by a Patrol Sergeant. There is a map on our website that identifies the jurisdictional boundaries of each Area of Responsibility. Each Sergeant is available to respond to questions or concerns about crime and law enforcement services in our city, and your Area of Responsibility. Each Sergeantís email addresses is available on-line at www.rbpd.org.

I encourage every citizen to read our Annual Report and Email questions and or comments to the Chief of Police at pnanfito@rbpd.org . You may also email questions or concerns to the Division Commanders.

Paul Nanfito

Chief of Police

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