Vehicle Release Policy

Vehicle Release Policy

The following procedures will be followed when releasing a vehicle that has been towed by the Red Bluff Police Department:

  • The vehicle will only be released to the registered owner or their designee.
  • The vehicle must have current registration.
  • The registered owner must show I.D. and be a licensed driver. If the owner is a licensed driver he or she does not need a second licensed driver. If the owner is unlicensed, they must come in with two licensed drivers. All must show I.D.
  • There is a $54.00 fee for the release of vehicle. This fee must be paid in cash, with exact change if paying for a vehicle release on the weekend or after business hours.
  • If the Registered Owner is unable to come to the Red Bluff Police Department, and would like to designate an individual to pick up the vehicle they may complete a Vehicle/Contents Release Authorization Form.

Note: The Registered Owner's Signature must be Witnessed by a Notary.

Download Vehicle/Contents Release Authorization Form Here

Vehicles cannot be released under the following circumstances:

  • Person to whom the vehicle is to be released has no proof of I.D.
  • Vehicle registration is expired.
  • Vehicle has been sold but is not registered in current owner's name. We will NOT accept handwritten bills of sale.
  • Subject picking up vehicle is not the registered owner and does not have written authorization. Authorization cannot be done over the phone.

There will be additional fees charged by the towing service and it is their responsibility to collect those fees.

If your vehicle was towed by a member of the Red Bluff Police Department for a violation of the California Vehicle Code or Penal Code (not including automobile accidents), you will need to obtain a vehicle release. A release form is necessary to claim your vehicle from any contracted police tow company. Vehicle releases may be obtained at the police department’s front counter at any time. Vehicle releases will only be issued to the vehicle’s owner of record. The current fee for a vehicle release is: $54.00 (in cash, exact amount only). The police department will not make change, will not accept checks, money orders or debit/credit cards. The fee you pay the police department is separate from all towing and storage fees incurred from the towing company. If you wish to obtain a vehicle release, the driver must be properly licensed and the vehicle must be currently registered.

If you have any questions regarding the Property & Evidence Section, please contact the unit at 530-527-3131 x3037