K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit

lilmanyFor nearly a decade the Red Bluff Police Department was without a K-9 Officer. 

In 2011, the Red Bluff Police Department added our first dual purpose K-9 officer, K-9 "Many".  Dual purpose means the dogs are trained to detect human odors and narcotics, such as marijuana, methamphetamine (by extension ecstasy), cocaine and heroin.  The human odor detection constitutes tracking/trailing, area searches for suspects, building searches for suspects, article or evidence searches and apprehension of suspects.

Our K-9 teams must first pass a rigorous five-week training course and certification test to California P.O.S.T. standards before they are able to work patrol functions. Our K-9 teams also train at least 16 hours every month to keep their skills sharp.

K-9 "Many" has been working with Sergeant Brown since 2011.  K-9 "Aries" started his career with Officer Talley in 2016, and now he is partnered with Sergeant Bowen since late 2019.  Both K-9 "Many" and K-9 "Aries" are German Shepherds with incredible abilities. 

Their primary functions working patrol are to alert their handlers to the odor of narcotics and perform apprehensions.  Most of the time, the mere presence of one of our K-9's is enough to gain compliance or motivate the suspect to surrender.  They also search buildings once we have received a report of a burglary or other situation where a K-9 is needed.  Our K-9's can search an entire building much faster and safer than a team of officers. 

When our K-9s are not finding drugs or apprehending criminals, they often show up at community events.  Our K-9 teams demonstrate their skills to the community at public events.  They also go to schools and show off their skills to students in Red Bluff.  Our K-9 handlers have noticed the K-9s significantly help connect to the community of Red Bluff. 

Our K-9s are funded by donations only.  The donations we are grateful to receive lead us to increase our K-9 unit to two teams.  Donations cover the cost of training, dog food, K-9 equipment (collars, leashes, harnesses etc.), veterinary expense and of course purchasing the dogs.