Volunteers in Police Service

The Red Bluff Police Department began their V.I.P.S. program in 2012.

Since then, volunteers have donated over 10,000 hours to the Red Bluff Police Department and the community. The V.I.P.S. are used to supplement and support sworn officers by allowing the officers to concentrate their efforts on their patrol related duties.

V.I.P.S. have been used in almost every area of the Red Bluff Police Department. They have assisted on routine patrol, conducting business and residential/ vacation house checks. Additionally, V.I.P.S. assisted in parking enforcement by issuing citations or warnings along with the removal of abandoned vehicles.

The V.I.P.S. have also assisted in the following areas: Records, Property and Evidence, Special Events, Animal Control, Crime Scene Protection, Graffiti Removal Project, and many other community events.

There are a few minimum qualifications that are needed to become a V.I.P.S. member. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, be free of any felony convictions, and have a clean background. Each member must attend the training academy, which is one day per week for ten weeks. 

This is a great opportunity to give back to your community and to learn about law enforcement. Three V.I.P.S. members have gained full time employment with the police department after joining the volunteer program.

Click here for a Volunteer in Police Service application.

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