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General Information & Release of Property

The Red Bluff Police Department’s Property & Evidence Unit is part of the Support/Special Services Division of the police department. The unit is overseen by Lt. Matt Hansen and it is staffed by one full time Property Officer.  The property unit retains evidence connected with criminal cases, as well as those items being held for safekeeping and items of found property with no known owner.

Property release days and times are Tuesdays and Thursdays, between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00 pm. During those hours, property is released on a first-come first-served walk-in basis. Releases outside of those hours require an appointment and are reserved for emergencies and extenuating circumstances.

Evidence items are held for as long as necessary while their respective cases work their way through the judicial system. Personal property being held as evidence may only be released once a criminal case is adjudicated and the police department has an evidence release memorandum from the District Attorney’s Office. Safekeeping property is held for a period of 60 days, at which point it is subject to disposal if not claimed by its owner. Found Property is subject to disposal after 90 days if an owner does not come forward or one cannot be located. All property held by the Red Bluff Police is releasable only to the property owner (or property owner’s parent/guardian if the owner is a juvenile). A property owner may authorize a 3rd party to pick their item(s) up with a notarized release form. This property authorization form may be obtained from the front counter. Firearms will not be released to anyone except the registered owner, as listed in the California automated firearms system. If you are seeking the return of a firearm being held by the police department, you must obtain a Law Enforcement Gun Release (LEGR) from the CA Dept. of Justice, before the firearm will be returned to you. An LEGR application may be obtained on-line at or at the front counter. Additionally, you must also be the owner of record on file with the Dept. of Justice for the specific firearm you are seeking return of.

Auction of Police Seized Property, Vehicles, Etc.

The police department does not directly auction items to the public.  All unclaimed property of value is sent to the police auction company, You may preview items for bidding submitted by this agency as well as other law enforcement agencies at that website.

Animals taken for Safekeeping

If your animal is taken for safekeeping purposes by a member of the Red Bluff Police Department, It may be claimed at the Tehama County Animal Shelter, located at:

1830 Walnut Street
Red Bluff, CA 96080
Phone:  (530) 527-3439
Hours of operation: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday

You will be responsible for all applicable boarding and shelter fees directly to TCAS, prior to the release of your animal.

Vehicle Releases

If your vehicle was towed by a member of the Red Bluff Police Department for a violation of the California Vehicle Code or Penal Code (not including automobile accidents), you will need to obtain a vehicle release. A release form is necessary to claim your vehicle from any contracted police tow company. Vehicle releases may be obtained at the police department’s front counter at any time. Vehicle releases will only be issued to the vehicle’s owner of record. The current fee for a vehicle release is: $54.00 (in cash, exact amount only). The police department will not make change, will not accept checks, money orders or debit/credit cards. The fee you pay the police department is separate from all towing and storage fees incurred from the towing company. If you wish to obtain a vehicle release, the driver must be properly licensed and the vehicle must be currently registered.

Vehicle Content Releases

If you wish to obtain a release for vehicle contents only, you may obtain a contents release from the front counter window at any time, free of charge. Content releases will only be provided to the vehicle’s owner of record.

If you have any questions regarding the Property & Evidence Section, please contact the unit at 530-527-3131 x3037



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