Burglary Prevention

The sanctity of the individual household is an integral part of American culture and is a tradition that can be traced back through English common law and back even further to the Republic of Rome. Because of this long standing expectation of personal privacy and security, there are few experiences people find more disturbing than coming home to find themselves the victims of a burglary.

I am going to offer some suggestions about things people can do to secure their homes from invasion and retain the sense of safety they deserve. The first step in preventing residential burglary is to make your home a less appealing target. This can consist of simple things like locking your doors and windows before you leave home, fencing your yard, installing window coverings, putting a dowel in the track of sliding glass doors, keeping trees and hedges trimmed, or installing a security screen door.

Some people do not take simple precautions because they claim it makes their home feel like a prison and they argue that if someone really wanted to get into their home a locked door would not stop them. While these people may ultimately be correct in their assertion that a serious criminal will not be deterred by locked doors alone, they are ignoring the fact that most burglaries are a result of easy opportunities presenting themselves to would-be burglars.

The second step in preventing residential burglary is active deterrence. These are the sort of preparations that will help discourage the more purposeful sort of criminal who may well enjoy kicking in locked doors or smashing windows. These preparations may include having a security system installed in your home, upgrading exterior doors and locks, installing motion activated lights, having someone house-sit when you go out of town, or keeping a dog.

Even using all the preventative measures mentioned above cannot guarantee someone will not break into your residence while you are away. Protecting your property can seem like an insurmountable task, which causes some people to just cross their fingers and hope for the best. So what is the solution for the concerned home owner? I believe the best substitute for being able to keep an eye on your own property 24/7 is to get your neighbors to help out, which leads me to step three, Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch can be as simple as getting to know your neighbors and committing to keep an eye out for one another or it can be further organized with actual meetings, monthly newsletters, and a representative from the Red Bluff Police Department with whom you can collaborate. Officers from the Red Bluff Police Department currently participate in Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the City and there may already be an active Neighborhood Watch group near your home.

If you are interested in participating in or forming a Neighborhood Watch group please refer to the area of responsibilty and see which of the five areas of responsibility you live in.

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